Some uniforms are just more fun than others. We make the highest-quality, best-fitting, and most-personal outerwear for ski patrol, ski school, mountain ops, search & rescue, and more.

A Perfect Fit For Everyone On Your Team

We are past the world of S/M/L. You don't have to hope a medium will fit Allison well enough to do her job.

We guarantee a perfect fit for every individual on your team. Now you can get an Allison-sized kit so she can perform at the highest level in all conditions.

Still need a few mediums to keep in the shack for mid-season team additions? Yeah, we can help with that, too.

Exactly the Kit They Want Without Compromise

Some pros like to keep their radio in a vest, some in the jacket. Some want two big chest pockets, others just one. Rather than requiring everyone to compromise, why not let them choose within the framework you have set?

Work with our designers to determine your needs, the structure you want to offer, and get each member gear that helps them be the best at their job.

Let's Talk About It

Get in touch with us to talk about pricing, customization, bulk discounts, etc. We want to learn from you to make sure we exceed your expectations with this program.

Click the button below to use our contact form, or just sent us a note at sales@madeoutdoor.ca.

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